Onward with Thanks…

One of my earliest memories is of myself in Kindergarten.  Someone was speaking, and asked if any of us knew what we wanted to be when we grew up.  My hand was the first in the air.  She smiled.  “And what would you like to be?” She asked.  “An artist,” I replied.

I have been making images professionally for about 8 years.  It’s taken me all over the world, introduced me to dozens and dozens of amazing people, and given me opportunities and experiences I probably never would have had otherwise.  It has been absolutely amazing, and I have loved it.

Professional wedding photography has its sacrifices, of course.  It involves long, very physically demanding hours.  It’s a lot of working weekends, and late editing nights.  It’s time away from friends and family, and weddings are extremely high pressure because they’re such an important job, and you only get one chance to document it.  It has absolutely, positively been worth every late night, every crazy travel itinerary, and every missed summer BBQ.

It’s with a very full, very grateful heart that I am retiring as a professional life and wedding photographer.  I have not made this decision lightly.  In fact, I’d be a little embarrassed if you knew just how many hours I’ve spent toiling with it, and how best to let you all know.  Partly, it’s my body that needs me to go a different direction.  I have been battling some health issues [nothing deadly, just painful], and now that I finally have some answers, it’s become clear to me that I need to take a different path.

So, I am heading onward!  I’m mournful, excited and nervous all in one.  It will be a totally different lifestyle, not being a full-time photographer.  I am overwhelmed by how completely awesome it has been to meet all of you, and be a part of your lives, even if just for a while.  People always say to me, “Wedding photography must be so stressful!”  And I always say, “It can be, but I have really, REALLY cool clients.”

Where can you find me?
I hope to keep this website up as an archive, so you can still message me here.  I am also on Instagram [@heatherespana].  I have a house blog [which I promise I'll update again someday;)], and an Etsy shop called Puttering.

Will I still be doing some photography?
I will never stop being a photographer, as long as I have anything to say about it.  Even though for the better part of this year I was physically unable to hold my professional camera, I still took pictures every day with my little iPhone.  My plan is to continue to recover, and still do some commercial, editorial, charitable and personal work as I am able.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With that, and lots of joy, I shall sign off.
Heather España


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Chris+Judy | Black Walnut Inn Elopement

It’s always a guessing game when I don’t get to meet my clients until the day of the ceremony.  Thankfully, I guessed right, and Judy and Chris are awesome.  It was cold, foggy and muddy for their elopement, but they were hearty troopers!  And I’m so glad, because foggy vineyards with beautiful people in them are just delicious.

A CIRCUS-TENT-SIZED THANK YOU to Bryan Rupp for working with me on this one, and to the Black Walnut Inn for going above and beyond [they brought out tarps for Judy and Chris to walk on in the vineyard]!

To view and order prints from Chris and Judy’s day, please CLICK HERE.

With Joy,

Heather España

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Marc+Charlotte | Champoeg Creamery Farm Session

If you have not been out to Champoeg Creamery and Full of Life Farm, you should!  I had the pleasure of photographing Charlotte’s daughter Hayden’s senior photos there a while back, and it’s such a beautiful place.  So much fun to go back and photograph Marc and Charlotte’s pre-wedding session!  Complete with tractors, horses, cows, dogs and, of course, a rooster.

And a huge thanks to Rachel Morell, who came along with to help me out!

To view and order prints from their whole session, please CLICK HERE.

With Joy,

Heather España

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